Cactus Vent Clip Freshie (Set of 2)

Classy Farm Girl


  • 1000 Wishes Champagne-star fruit and golden quince.
  • Baja Cactus-floral blend of light coconut 
  • Butt Naked-fruity bouquet melon, peach, strawberry any banana with sweet lactone
  • Bump N Grind-fresh citrus, lime, and orange blossoms, 'N' leading to an exotic and fruity blend of berries and cherries 
  • Black Sea-succulent plum, sweet spicy notes with vanilla 
  • Champagne Toast-bubbly celebration of life, with notes of berries and citrus tang
  • Cowgirl Britches-blend of leather and citrus 
  • Cowgirl Kisses-berry and nutty blend with Leather
  • Island Margarita BBW 
  • Leather-like a boot store 
  • Leather & Lace-leather & vanilla 
  • Oilfield Trash-pineapple sunrise pineapple, lime & coconut 
  • Viva La Juicy-volcano capri blue summer blend of fruits 
  • Pineapple Sunrise-Pineapple, Lime & Coconut
  • Freshies last 20-40 days. In the hotter months, your freshie may not keep the scent as long because the sun draws