Gorgeous Wild Horse!

Gorgeous Wild Horse!

If you go into any jewelry shop  that sells Native American created jewelry (online or brick and mortar) -- it's likely that you'll find some stones known as Wild Horse among their displays. 

Wild Horse rough stoneThis brown/white stone is often called turquoise, because it has a matrix similar to matrix found in pieces of turquoise, however, Wild Horse isn't really turquoise at all.      

Chocolate brown with off-white spots, this stone is magnesite (magnesium carbonite) mixed with hematite. This stone was discovered in the mid-90's near the Globe copper mine in the Gila wilderness area of southern Arizona.   So far, this is the only place Wild Horse magnesite has been found.     Only a few years after the mine was opened, they closed it again, so it's likely that any material on the market today has been stashed away in some prospectors garage.


The spotted appearance of Wild Horse Magnesite resembles the pattern on the Appaloosa horse, thus Wild Horse is also marketed under the names "Appaloosa" and "Crazy Horse" magnesite.

I love Wild Horse because it's both stunning and versatile. You can wear it standalone or stacked and it looks great with Navajo pearls and silver cuffs.   The colors really pop f you wear it with blue or green turquoise, and depending on the actual stones and what you're wearing, sometimes you see a burgundy tones in the matrix.   

Sharing some pictures below from our live sale last Monday, where we featured some great Wild Horse pieces.   A few of these sold, but many of them are still in our online store.   You can view the Wild Horse we have in our Classy Farm Girl online store by clicking here!    

If you didn't hear about our online sale - we post it in our private Facebook group -- Classy Farm Girl VIP Barn.   Join the group here!  

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