A New Online Sale Every Week: CFG (Classy Farm Girl) Specials FAQ

A New Online Sale Every Week:   CFG (Classy Farm Girl) Specials FAQ

What is a CFG Special?   and maybe more importantly, what is CFG? 

CFG is an acronym for Classy Farm GIrl which is the name of my business   A CFG Special is a "great" buy at an amazing price. 

Why do we do CFG Specials?

We post CFG Specials to give a sincere thank you to all of my clients for supporting my small business.    I want to give y'all the opportunity to get a sweet piece to add to your jewelry box at a great price to say thank you for shopping with Classy Farm Girl.   

CFG Specials also ensure that you all have the opportunity to get amazing prices on my website.    

When do you post CFG Specials?   

  • If an item that's on CFG specials sells, I replace that item within 24 hours. 
  • Once a week, I replace the 20 items on the specials with 20 new items.   Items that are removed from CFG specials go back on the website at regular price.   
  • There is no particular day that I refresh the CFG specials.    It might happen on a Tuesday or it might happen on any other day of the week.  

Are CFG Specials always a certain percentage off?  

CFG Specials are generally between 40-70% off, sometimes at a price so low that I am just covering what I put into that item.   

Are CFG Specials jewelry that you've had a long time that hasn't sold?   

No.   I have Live Clearance Sales a few times a year to keep my inventory fresh. I randomly select 20 items to put on sale as CFG specials.    

If you post an item to CFG Specials and it doesn't sell, what do you do with it?  

It goes back on the website at its regular price.   

What is the difference between CFG Specials and Last Call Specials?   

  • When I select CFG specials, i randomly select 20 items off the website.  They are not based on price or the length of time they've been in my store.   I try to ensure thee are items in all price ranges, but the selection of the items does not have rhyme or reason!   
  • Last Call Specials  are one-sy/two-sy type items.    It may be a t-shirt that i only have one or two left.    Jewelry might be items that i purchased several of and i only have one left.   Sometimes I purchase an entire collection of items from an artist  -- and if I only have one or two of them left I may put them on the last call sale.     

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