The Fiery Oranges & Purples of Spiny Oyster

The Fiery Oranges & Purples of Spiny Oyster

orange and purple spiny oyster Native American jewelry available at classyfarmgirl.netTurquoise will always be a classic feature in jewelry for the western lifestyle, but many western fashionistas use the oranges and purples of spiny oyster to take their jewelry to that "wow" level!   Spiny Oyster is often combined with turquoise in statement pieces, and is equally beautiful standing alone.   

The spiny oyster, otherwise known as spondylus, is a large family of mollusks. They are sometimes known as thorny oysters or spondylids. A bivalve mollusk, the animal is encased in a hinged shell.   Large quills grow from their shells, which is why they are called "spiny".   Despite its name, these creatures are not true oysters and are more closely related to scallops.

Spiny Oyster and Turquoise Native American Jewelry from ClassyFarmGirl.netThere are many varieties of Spiny Oyster that are found in the seas of the world.    The most common spiny oysters are that of the orange shade. Orange spiny oysters are found at mid to low ocean depths. Hence, it is easily accessed by divers and snorkelers. On the other hand, purple spiny oysters are more difficult to find and harvest due to the ocean depth where they are found. This is the reason why purple spiny oysters are rarer and harder to harvest. 

Spiny Oysters are harvested by divers with their hands and net.  Yellow Spiny Oyster is extremely rare.


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